Original present

Do you find a special present for brother or friend? You would like to give him something very original, because he doesn´t have only birthday, but he will have wedding? So we would like to offer you perfect present that can be for him also something like farewell party. We offer you perfect nuru massage that can be perfect procedure for you. It will help you clean your mind, but also your muscles will be relaxed. We are sure that everyone needs it time to time. We have very nice place here, so you can try your special room, where you will find also shower or bath that will be start of your procedure.


Nuru procedure is special type – body to body. So you will be naked and your masseuse will be also naked. There will be very specific gel, which will take care about sliding, so you will feel only nice feelings. She will be subtle and felicitous, so you can be like a king. Trust us that it is possible to treat by touches, people knows it from ancient times. Enjoy your procedure for full, because we are sure that it is possible. Don´t stop thinking about inaction and satisfaction that waits here for you.